Monday, September 24, 2012

Report of the 18th conference

Thank you for your cooperation to the 18th Japanese Medaka and Zebrafish Meeting at 22-23 September 2012.
We are pleased to have a good time with you.
About 200 researchers, 18 companies and 2 foundations participated to the 18th conference.

Student Oral Award
Hirohito Simizu (University of California)
Maya Inoue (Nagoya University)

Student Poster Award
Satoshi Ansai (Kyoto University)
Haru Hosokai (Japan Women’s University)
Hotaka Nishikawa (University of Tokyo)

The 19th Japanese Medaka and Zebrafish Meeting will take place in Sendai-city JAPAN at 20-21 September 2013.
See you next year again!